About Us

Starting in 2019, Jesse Serrell volunteered at the baseball association his daughter played socially with, by helping the organisation by taking control of their social media front.

From here, he built a new website for the association and increased the traffic to the organisation which increased their membership number by 17%, inturn, increasing revenue.

With this new sense of achievement, Jesse, starting helping a local Street Art organisation by building a new website and giving advise on how to approach managing their page for more exposure. With the advise the organisation gained more followers and increased their chances of gaining funding from the private sector.

Feeling the pain with two other fathers, whom were also volunteering their time, the three decided to venture out and create their own baseball club under the association. Jesse helped create their new website, set up their socials (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). While connecting all three social media platforms and the new website, Jesse gained an understanding of how Social Media can be an asset to a sporting club or other organisations. He obtain education through self learning about algorithms of Social Media and how to present content in an appealing way to the desired audience.

Maybury Socials was created in mid 2020 to specialise in catering for sporting clubs of the bat and ball variety to ensure that they had the best chance of engaging into the social media platform to the best of their ability.

Given his short time, he is committed in making sure he achieves the best outcome for each individual organisation from a digital stance in this forever growing technological landscape.

Focusing on Bat & Ball sports will be the main goal and mission of the business.

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