The Mackerels Baseball Club

In 2020 The Mackerels Baseball Club was created during the COVID-19 pandemic to give kids aged 10-17 years old on the Sunshine Coast the chance to compete in competitive baseball. Jesse was left with the task of ensuring the club had a website, social media accounts, bank account, not for profit status and email addresses linked to the websites domain. All achieved in a timely manner and the results speak for themselves. In less than 2 months The Mackerels Facebook page has over 150 followers, their Instagram has over 60 followers and they have had a number of enquires through their website.

Street Art Nambour

Jesse had known about Street Art Nambour for quite some time. He offered his services to help the Not for Profit organisation when he had realised that their digital presence in a website was non existent. He built them a website which people could contact the organisation directly and also consulted with the team of their Social Media accounts and guide them in maximising the features available to them and how to get the most impact from their posts.

Jesse continues to donate his time to both of these organisations in good faith to his business ventures beginnings.

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